40 days after the Resurrection

What did Jesus do during those 40 days after his Resurrection? 

#2 - He taught His disciples

We  see in Acts 1:3 that in the 40 days from His resurrection to His ascension, Jesus also spoke to His disciples about the kingdom of God.  Could you imagine what some of those conversations might have been like? Jesus taught them and instructed them about life in the kingdom of God, its values, its nature and the importance of displaying that life here on earth as a testimony of the coming of the Gospel. As he spoke to them then, he can speak to us today. 

What has He been speaking to you about?  What has He been personally teaching you in this post Resurrection Sunday period — about life, about Himself, about yourself, and the kingdom of God? 
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(Adapted from https://www.holywave.org/blog-master/2020/4/1/keeping-a-digital-rule-of-life-in-quarantine-hb6h2)

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