Anastasis insight from "The emotionally healthy leader" by Peter Scazzaro

In his book "The Emotionally Healthy Leader", author Peter Scazzaro shows leaders how to develop a deep inner life, examining its profound implications for planning and decision-making, building teams, creating healthy culture, influencing others, and much more.

In a chapter of the book in which he talks about leading out of marriage or singleness, he lists two ways in which singleness can become someone's loudest gospel message. 

The first way has to do with how celibacy can bear witness to the sufficiency and fullness of Jesus. 

The second way is about how a single person can bear witness to the reality of the resurrection in a unique way. At this regard he cites Rodney Clapp

"Christian singles are thus radical witnesses to the resurrection. They forfeit heirs - the only other possibility of their survival beyond the grave - in the hope that one day all creation will be renewed. The Christian single makes no sense if the God of Jesus Christ is no linger living and  true."

Scazzaro gives then a brief explanation to this statement

"In other words, our belief in the resurrection of the dead gives us a unique perspective on the shortness and brevity of earthly life. We have numbered our days in light of eternity (Psalm 90:12), knowing that to God a thousand years are like a day. We live in the reality that Jesus is alive, and so we too shall live with him forever, complete as a member of the family of God and the communion of saints."

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