Don't' despise the days of small things

Often, when we see great disasters that derive from great decisions, we feel helpless. Whatever we would do seems to mean nothing compared to the great need for change and restoration.

The recent events in Afghanistan could create that kind of feeling in us.

I would like to remind us all that God, in time of great need of restoration, encourages His people to "Not despise the days of small things". Zachariah 4:10

In a specific time of Israel's story, when the Jews had just returned to their homeland after years of exile in a foreign country, Jerusalem was destroyed and nothing seemed left of their former glory.

God wants them to start their restoration by rebuilding the temple.
It was a small temple in the middle of a city with no walls. It didn't look much like a step towards their former glory. Yet, God's plans were far behind their imagination. He was getting ready to bring forth the kingdom of all kingdoms with a temple made of people from all nations and tribes.

Israel could only see the reconstruction of that temple as a small thing. They were looking for The Day of the Lord in which their enemies would have been destroyed and they would reign with the most majestic temple of all times. They didn't seem very interested in these small steps of reconstruction.

God tells them to not despise the days of small things because He had appointed them to precede and prepare the days of great things.

Today we are called to be faithful in the small things that God asks us to do. We can proclaim, with our ACTIONS of love, the reality of His kingdom to our brothers and sisters in Afghanistan, our neighbors, and all His children.

If we do not despise the small things we are called to do, those acts of obedience will prepare the way for the Great things God has in store for His people.

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