Moving from Africa to the jails in Michigan, Anastasis helps bring hope to all.

Our first Mission Collection project helped provide water, an essential Physiological need, for our friends in far Africa

Our next Mission Collection will help provide needs of a different level for our inmates in the closer Michigan jails.

Have you ever heard about the Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs?

This Pyramid visualizes it.


Water is a fundamental need, and we rejoiced in participating in bringing it to the village of Melele in Tanzania Africa.

But as humans, we have other needs that are as important as water that cannot be seen or met until our physiological ones are.

If we have food, water, and sleep, then we need safety; and after that, meaningful relationships; and then esteem, and, finally, we need to live at our highest potential. 

The inmates of our Michigan prisons have food and water and sleep and they live in a protected, although restrictive, environment. What they need are meaningful relationships and the possibility of acquiring skills that will make them feel honored and recognized. They need people who believe they can still have a chance to live their lives at their fullest potential. 

These are the needs that Reach the Forgotten provides by presenting the Gospel as the ultimate fulfillment of them all, while they also give themselves as a valuable supporting network. 

Take two minutes to give a look at our Mission Collection and all of the locally handcrafted items made by our neighbors. 100% of the profit from these items will help provide a message of hope to those that are in desperate need of it.  

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