"I am beautiful" How it all began with HPSCharity

This week our post is dedicated to HPSCharity, the non profit organization that is  located in Italy and that will be bringing water to Melele this September.
I would like to introduce it to you through a video that her founder, who is a professional filmmaker,  produced in 2016.
"I am beautiful” is the first reportage of HPS created by president Sefora Motta. It represents the beginning of a collaboration born from a sincere love relationship created with the people of “Mtakijia”, “Domolamondo” e “Kambala”. These three villages are considered among the poorest zones in Tanzania.
“I am beautiful” is a message of hope that speaks to everyone’s heart.
We have learned to trust their work and love them, and for this reason, we have dedicated our ANASTASIS MISSION COLLECTION to their project.

Click on the link to watch the video: "I am beautiful" reportage

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