It is time to get to know those who create our Anastasis products

For our Winter Anastasis Mission Collection 2021 we have asked Doris to create some glass ornaments that represent the symbol f the empty tomb. Her work is fabulous. 

We asked her to tell something about her story and the art of working with glass.

This is Great!

"My Name is Doris, and my husband Tim and I live 25 miles north of Midland (MI).

I have always been an artist. I taught oil painting classes for over 20 years and had a great time. I no longer teach oil painting but I still  paint.

In January of this year I decided to get back into stained glass again. I did stained glass about 15 years ago, but didn't have the time or space to do both crafts together. My husband and I are retired now so we both enjoy doing stained glass projects.

Stained glass is fun and frustrating. If you cut a piece of glass and it breaks you toss it out and start over.

There is a lot of steps in doing stained glass. You start by drawing a pattern, laying it out on the glass, cut it with a glass cutter. Then you grind it to fit the pattern, then clean it and let it dry. Then you have to put copper foil on the edges and  place it back on the pattern so you to solder it. Then you clean and polish the piece.

There are many steps in creating stained glass pieces But then, when I hang it in the window and see the colors shine through, I think: This is beautiful art.

Thanks again Doris"

During this Holiday period Doris will be able to create these ornaments only until the end of November. IF you were thinking about getting one for a holiday gift, you need to order it now.

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