New Anastasis Mission Project 2024

We are excited to announce our new mission partner for 2024! 
After supporting a water well in Tanzania, a jail ministry in Michigan and a training center in Uganda, this year 100% of Anastasis' profit will support a mission that brings life to children from many countries of the world. 
  Children of Promise is an accredited organization committed to making wholeness possible for children around the world 
Every child deserves a chance to dream about the future, to experience joy, and to know God’s love.
At Children of Promise, they call this wholeness, and it is their calling to make this possible finding sponsors who support each child. 
There are times though in which some children find themselves in a gap. For several months they can be waiting to find a first time sponsor or a new sponsor because they have lost a previous one. 
This is where the GAP fund becomes fundamental for their lives.
This is the FUND Anastasis wants to support. 
 The Gap Fund covers the monthly support of these children while the organization actively looks for a sponsor for each one of them.
Your purchase from Anastasis store will provide a donation for the 
GAP Fund
Let us be the ones who kindle hope in these children while they wait for a permanent supporter. Let us help them feel loved and desired standing in the gap for them.

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