T.A.P.P from Uganda to Midland MI

Here we are again ready to share about the mission project in Uganda that  Anastasis is supporting with its profits this year. 

In the last article we presented to you T.A.P.P. and we told you that the Uganda team is involved with this awesome ministry.

This week we are going to reveal to you a logistic connection with T.A.P.P. in the Midland MI area.

If you go to the Midland Mall and visit the Cultivate coffee shop (where by the way you can enjoy a free coffee or tea or wonderful hot chocolate together with the best caring people in town), you will find a table stationed right next the entrance on the left side. 

There you will be able to enjoy the wonderful handmade products that our friends in Uganda in the T.A.P.P.  program have made.

Go take a look, see with your eyes and join us in prayer while we support those who minister to these families. 

Look for this tag. 

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