The well in Melele, Tanzania, has been build

Last week, although we were not able to be there and rejoice with our friends in Tanzania, HPS has provided so that the well would still be built. 

They drilled 500 feet underground to find the white gold, the gold that does not shine but takes away the thirst and gives back life. 

Since June Anastasis has created a Mission Collection to support this mission and its project. 

All of you who have ordered from that Collection have been part of this project. It doesn't matter in what capacity (the widow gave only two small coins) what matters is that we allowed our hearts to be moved toward the need of our brothers and sisters when the Spirit told us to.

Let's keep on rising to the call of living a life in the power of the resurrection and in the service of the Mighty King.

Enjoy the pictures shared from HPS

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This is so wonder!! You are doing a great job. It is easy to follow along and very interesting. ♥️🙏

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