Rising to the call could mean letting our eyes be opened to a new version of our circumstances

Has it ever occurred to you that, maybe, it is not your circumstances that need to change, but your eyes that need to be opened?

In the Bible, we find the story of a mother that ends up in the desert with her son and comes to a point where she has no more hope. She sits down, and all she could see is her boy dying. 

But, at a certain point, God opens her eyes. That is when she sees a well of water that had always been there, since the beginning. With that water, she saves her life and the boy's life too. 

Maybe you don't have to follow through with that abortion. Maybe you don't need to find another job. Maybe you don't need a different partner, a new house, another country to live in. 

Maybe you only need God to open your eyes so that you may see the resources and the riches that he has already provided for you, and you may find life in them.

With our MISSION COLLECTION, we are helping HPS charity provide a well of water for the people of the village of Melele in Tanzania. 

But maybe, the reason they can praise, and smile, and rejoice and worship even if still in their desperate situation of need is because their eyes are already open to the true glory and riches of God. 

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