Welcome to our Spring Mission Collection 2022

Sometimes things seem to not move as fast as we would like them too.
It took us a while to decide which mission we would like to support with our next collection. 
This time the people that we would like to bless are not living in our State as they were with our previous collection for  "Reach the Forgotten" and our jail inmates. But although they are far those who are involved in the project are very near!
A team from Midland will be leaving the 19th of March for Uganda. They are in contact with missionaries there and their desire is to help the people of Mutungo move out of poverty by creating a workshop for their business. 
This is what ANASTASIS is about: supporting businesses that support people in need!
We feel honored and privileged to be able to participate in this endeavor but we cannot do it without your help. 
We have a selected number of t-shirts and beanies that are going to become a source of support for our friends in Uganda.
The entire REVENUE from the sale of these items will help the project in Mutungo to create an empowerment workshop for the vulnerable.
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Take part to this mission by clicking here and placing your order.
You can order something for you or for a friend or as a token of love. 
You will be spreading the symbol of the empty tomb, of life and resurrection and meanwhile you will be actually bringing new life in a desperate situation. 

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