Chetna Cotton Farms

Organic Cotton Farms

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Hand-harvesting without harmful chemical defoliants. Organic farmers and gin workers are spared exposure to toxic chemicals and pesticides.

We source our fiber from the Chetna Organic project in central India. Chetna is a progressive collective of thousands of small to medium size land owners that practice eco-friendly and socially sustainable farming. The association has received FLO certification. Pre-harvest financing and fair prices allow farmers a livelihood of dignity. They also receive training on international fair trade criteria for employment, work environment and community development.

Within the conventional cotton industry in India, not only do the ill-effects of toxic chemicals directly affect workers, farmers and their families; reliance on GMO seeds and expensive pesticides have dragged farmers into spiraling debt, often resulting in desperate acts of suicide. As an exemplary solution to this problem, the Chetna organic project has helped hundreds of rural communities emerge from poverty. Being labor-intensive, organic farming is also recognized as a powerful vehicle for creating job opportunities at all levels. Women are participants in decision making. This benefits entire communities as they often invest in new services, local business and community projects like child care and schooling.