Empty Tomb Large Stainless steel Pendant with chain

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The Anastasis Empty Tomb pendant is a simple and subtle symbol of the power and victory of Jesus Christ.

After completing my studies in theology at Great Lakes Christian College in 2020, I started wondering why we often preach the gospel speaking about the cross and hardly ever about the empty tomb.

I developed the desire to help people remember that the gospel is not only about forgiveness of sin but also about the new life that we are called to live in the power of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. 

While pondering these thoughts, I came up with the design of the Empty Tomb Pendant and the Anastasis store idea.

By displaying this symbol of new life, you remind yourself and others to RISE TO THE CALL of living a new life in the power of the resurrection.

Pendant: Size 1 inch

Chain: Sizes 18" or 24"